DIY patio? Start at Paver Days

These Old Mocha factory seconds (on sale at a deep discount in Madison) made a beautiful DIY patio in our demo.A DIY patio can be yours with some basic instruction, a little planning and a weekend or two of installation. The instruction is lively and free at Pine Hall Brick Paver days. You can also get significant price discounts on select pavers in our brick yard.

Paver Days is a lot of fun in itself. Last Saturday we held our first of three Paver Days at our Madison, NC plant. There are two more Paver Days coming up at our Fairmount, GA plant, Saturday, April 22 and at our Winston-Salem, NC headquarters, Saturday, April 29. All times from 8am till noon.

diy patio products

Brick and paver cubes specially priced at Paver Days.


How do you “do” Paver Days?

First of all try to arrive early, so you’ll have the best selection of pavers. Also, leave enough time for one of two entertaining patio installation demonstrations—complete with prize giveaways—and to grab a free snack.

Grab a tan tag from the pavers you need for your DIY patio.


We’ll have “cubes” of pavers (enough for a 100-square-foot DIY patio) arranged in the brick yard for your selection, offering a range of colors and style. Feel free to meander through the pavers and find the best match for your home. When you find a style and color you love, simply grab the tag from the cube(s) you want. Then, take the tag to our office and pay for your order.

Grab a snack and relax.


DIY patio primer

These Old Mocha factory second pavers made a beautiful DIY patio for our Madison demo.

After you purchase your pavers is a great time to relax, pick up a snack and join a paver demonstration. Our DIY patio experts keep the presentation lively so you can take a seat under a tent and record, take notes or just observe. They walk you through planning your patio, tools you’ll need, materials you’ll need and step by step instructions. Watch them lay a small patio sample, start to finish with lots of helpful tips along the way.

You’ll learn about deep to dig, how to build a base with gravel, pro-tips on leveling the base and suggestions for laying pavers in a variety of patterns. Afterwards, there’s plenty of time for questions and consultation, not to mention some fun prize drawings.

When you’re ready to roll and get started on your project, take your receipt to the yard and stand back while a Pine Hall Brick forklift operator delivers your pavers to your pick-up bed or trailer. Be advised one cube of pavers is a thousand pounds, so bring a vehicle that can handle the payload. If you don’t have an appropriate vehicle, Pine Hall Brick can deliver your pavers to your home for $100.

Choose a paver pattern.


Preparing for final touches.


Harold Beatty demonstrates how to install the edging.


Get pro tips from our instructors.


Earth Graphics was on hand in Madison with software to simulate how a DIY patio would look in any yard.


Tell your friends and make a day of it

Visit Paver Days in Winston-Salem, NC or Fairmount, GA. Even if you don’t buy pavers, the event is free and it’s a great way to get inspired for your own DIY patio project. Of course, you can always come to our showrooms or plants and buy pavers at regular prices.

Dry stack paver barbecue for DIY extra credit

With one cube of any pavers (Pathway Red Modular shown here), you can easily build your own fireplace for cookout fun. One cube gives you enough pavers for a small patio and the fireplace. Just add a grill rack and a grill from any home building supply store and you’re ready to grill. Download instruction sheet here.







Paver Plant tours

At our Madison and Fairmount Paver Days, guests got free tours of our plant. Everything from where the dirt comes from to finished product hot from the kilns.

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