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Why Choose Brick?

Brick is mankind’s oldest manufactured building product. It’s made from natural clay shale, water, and fire. Its sustainability is unmatched as brick graces some of the world’s oldest standing monuments including the Great Wall of China and the Basilica of Constantine. Virtually all the brick made since our inception is either still in its original use, recycled to other applications or recycled back to the earth which required no special handling. Brick is an inert product with virtually no emissions. The embodied energy used to produce brick (energy used to mine, manufacture, and transport) is less than most common building materials including concrete, glass, steel, aluminum, wood, EIFS, and fiber cement according to the American Institute of Architects and the National Brick Research Center.

Brick is…


It’s strong and forms the driest exterior wall; protection from fire, wind, rain; green/sustainable; little to no maintenance; energy efficient; saves money; pays for itself.


Man’s oldest manufactured building product for a reason; it lasts; oldest US homes date to late 1600’s and still stand; used by civilizations through time; says you have arrived.

Maximum Performance

Go ahead and compare against other systems; they make claims; but read their installation instructions and discover the weak points; Then, read about how we perform.


because your home is built brick-by-brick on site, you decide what it will look like and you control the details on window treatments, mortar selection, bond pattern(s) in the wall, brick steps, porch treatment, paving brick to make your home truly your own.


Made from the earth, brick is as authentic a material known to man. It’s sustainable because it lasts through civilizations.

Energy Efficient

It’s all about the air space and thermal mass. We don’t nail brick to wood particle board. We construct a comfort barrier around your living space with brick & high strength mortar protecting your family from the elements. That’s comforting and saves you 2-8% on your energy bill.


You can’t put a price on comfort and piece-of-mind knowing you and your family are protected, safe and secure.


What defines a home? It’s memories. It’s family. It’s growing up. It’s the formation of who we are. We associate all of that with the image of where it took place and what surrounds it. Brick is used in so many ways around us whether it’s a building in town, a sidewalk where we walk our dog, the schools where we learn or a holiday gathering around a fire in the brick hearth. These subtle reminders of brick takes us back to the house we call home and that’s why brick is the most desired material for a new home.

Pine Hall Brick

We’ve been making brick for almost 100 years as a family-owned effort to make the highest quality brick, clay pavers, and shaped brick. Our employees refer to us as the “Pine Hall Brick Family” and collectively, we have over 3000 years of experience. That’s because our employees stick around and like working with us.  Our dedication to quality and unmatched service make it possible for our customers, contractors, architects, and builders to build beautiful homes and buildings that will withstand the test of time.  Planning on building or buying a brick home?  Contact a local Pine Hall Brick expert in your area.  Build Your Dreams with Pine Hall Brick!

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